Security courses are mainly concentrated in the Computer Science curriculum. Through collegial guest lectures we also try to bring security into other curricula of the institute in a grassroots manner.

We offer the Security Lab minor to Dutch students and to exchange students. The minor focusses on the question “How can security be adequately evaluated?”. In the minor, students explore security through making and breaking in a variety of projects.

Core concepts

Our focus in teaching is on core theories and application areas of information security:

  • Cryptography
  • Computer security
  • Network security
  • Human factors

Practical projects

The “Security Lab” minor consists of technical and non-technical practical projects:

  • Implementing security
  • Code audit
  • Web app pentest

  • Architecting security
  • User study
  • Phising campaign

Guest lectures

To enrich the various curricula at the Rotterdam UAS, guest lectures by Rotterdam Security Laboratories staff can be requested by teachers and students. If you would like to arrange a guest lecture, please drop us a line.